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The content below can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page.

This mini website is to show you examples of Intellectual Property Files or the HlyGrail Algorithm patents to give you ideas of the type of intellectual property you can copyright or patent. These patents are all referred to under the Portfolio tab on the Crypto Patent website.

The video above gives a general description of how various multimedia can be can be protected with the HlyGrail Algorithm. Virtually ANYTHING you can think of can be protected with this algorithm. In addition, it has many other application usages, such as, virus free software, IOT control, mass storage that can be verified, voting, and many other applications.

Click the “Examples” tab above and select the patent you are interested in. Some show websites with extensive information showing working or in progress real world applications using the patent. Others are a small web page outlining the Intellectual Property idea, possibly the fully decrypt idea, an encrypted version or some combination. With encrypted versions, you need to obtain the encrypted files to see the actual patent by decoding with the bitcoin address.

If you are interested in your own idea, investing in an idea, or want to review other HlyGrail Patents, ask the person who referred you to this website..

Be advised, we are not the US Copyright or US Patent office. Those are organizations who charge you a lot of money to review information, and then provide a patent number based on their belief your idea is of value. In the digital age of cryptography, our crypto patent technology is cheaper, faster, and safer while still being able to prove in a court of law the date and time you protected your idea.


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