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For this example, the Intellectual Property File is actually a picture. Notice the HlyGrail Patent Number, or the bitcoin accress is actually included in the image, proving the picture was available prior to patenting. Since no ownership is included in the file, it is possible for someone to attempt to steal the T-Shirt design, if they download the picture and they encrypt it with the bitcoin address and optain the correct hash. To protect from this, make sure you sign your image as part of the picture to prove it is yours. Always include ownership information in your Intellectual Property File. (This image is NOT the original matching the hash!)

Information for Mycryptopatent-Tshirt.png

Intellectual Property File - 38RLpJfZMHmpUV87TqKZDaa7qQjjx433bt.PNG.aes

Blockchain Address and key 38RLpJfZMHmpUV87TqKZDaa7qQjjx433bt

Hash256 for encrypted file 3388dda91040cde0b8d3076e52ad07060cb79e50aded2b836775c16ebb026c19
Size 311778 bytes

OP_RETURN 486c79477261696c3388dda91040cde0b8d3076e52ad07060cb79e50aded2b836775c16ebb026c19

Transaction Number b68ace2a34ee680a85fcc78f56cd7ea3fea595e06e50ed9946edfbbd20df2084

HlyGrail Patent / Copyright Number 38RLpJfZMHmpUV87TqKZDaa7qQjjx433bt

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