The items in this portfolio are some first examples of Intellectual Property  Files.  Visit the Directory and watch the video or follow the steps on how the documents are compiled into a Crypto Patent, or Intellectual Property File.

The following information contains the title of a Crypto Patent / Intellectual Property File and a link to the website.  If the link is inactive, come back soon for the update.  There is a short Description of the patent.  The ID identifies the owner so that you can request information in the event you are interested in their patent for investment purposes, purchase or other information.




Instead of waiting until the last minute and constantly push the button to bid up the price, hoping you will be the last one to bid, our auctions depend highly on the skill of the bidder.  In other words, over time you should learn how to increase the number of auctions where you become the Buyer.

Investors:  We are currently planning to raise $30M to fund this project.


Do You Have an Idea?  This crypto patent is a simple example of a T-Shirt copyright.  The same process can be used for art and other visual copyrights or patents.


ID verification can be used for national ID, voter ID or any other ID where you need to validate an individual is who they say they are without providing personal information, and detect modifications or fraud.

The Medical example shows a system to highly protect DNA or other sensitive information.


This crypto patent is an example of a business plan covering a unique design method to turn a motel into a themed attraction.  The specific plan is developed as a wild west theme but any theme using this approach can be developed.


Snazzy Sneakers Card Game

Fun, fast paced card game playable with normal playing cards.  However, the branded cards with Snazzy Sneakers Gift of Life Clown image and logo remind children of all ages the joy Snazzy Sneakers brought when raising funds for the less fortunate.


3D Souvenir Printer

This Intellectual Property File describes a kiosk for capturing a moment merged with a theme and 3D printed into a souvenir.


Plasma Cold Fusion Separator

This crypto patent is for a device that will economically separate materials into biodegradable and usable products.  It can be used for anything from garbage reprocessing to precious metal mining.


Gate Heater

This ingenious device keeps gates snow and ice free during cold and dangerous winter months.


Extract Ocean Hydrogen

This crypto patent demonstrates an economical method for extracting hydrogen from the ocean.


Virtual / Real World Interface

This crypto patent combines new hardware and software in such a way the operator / avatar functions synergistically in both the real and virtual world.


Car Top Carrier

This crypto patent is a unique design that uses an integrated lift to safely move items from the ground to the top of a car for transport.


Heavy Lift Drone Power System

This crypto patent is a system for supplying power to heavy lift drones.  It can be used for supplying water to high rise fires, high rise or chemical spill rescue, or other applications requiring long term on station.


Light Computer

This crypto patent demonstrates how to build a computer that runs on light for memory storage and Artificial Intelligence processing.


Circulating Currency

This crypto patent covers the Donation Distribution Formula used by Circulating Currency and  how the IPF System works in an eBook.  Individuals purchase the eBook and the company donates a coupon they submit as a donation to qualify to receive donations.  This is all voluntary, and designed to create a worldwide economy demonstrating distribution of wealth where producers are rewarded extra while still providing for the less fortunate.


Protected by Bounty

The HlyGrail Algorithm is protected by bounty. If anyone turns in an unlicensed violator, using the HlyGrail Algorithm, they benefit based on the violation as stated below:

  1. There is NO violation for individuals using the Algorithm for personal noncommercial use.
  2. Anyone using the Algorithm as a minor violation, as example, creating Intellectual Property Files for family and friends, clubs or organizations; the individual identifying the violator will be awarded the right to personally take the violator to Small Claims Court for the maximum award, upon written authority of the author or assigns of the HlyGrail Algorithm.
  3. Major violations, as example, such as a company putting the HlyGrail Algorithm in a hardware product for commercial gain without a license; the individual identifying the violator will be awarded 50% of all profit in a successful court decision. The author, or assigns, will sue the violator for theft of intellectual property with triple damages. The damages could be in the hundreds of millions.

Warning to individuals or companies wanting to use the HlyGrail Algorithm; get a license from the author or assigns. The algorithm covers other blockchains and Altcoins, even if, their OP_RETURN (message field) is identified by other methods or length, and or they use a different ID similar to a bitcoin address or other transaction number.