Crypto Patent

We provide Intellectual Property copyright / patent protection encrypted on the block chain.  Everything from a T-Shirt design, movie scripts, to an airplane patent can be accommodated.  Basic crypto patents are less than an interview with a patent lawyer.


Immutable Contracts

Everything from complex business contracts to virus free software can be verified as unmodified since the time of registration.  All multimedia can be included for minimal costs per file.

Directory Service

We will connect inventors with investors without exposing your personal information.  All crypto patents registered by us will be included in the directory free for one year.


Major advantage of a crypto patent

We can protect most intellectual property for far less than a patent search. You can prove ownership of your idea without presenting details to anyone, including us.  This means you can safely expose information, as needed, to potential investors without the fear of an inadequate non-disclosure agreement.

Do Not Limit Your Imagination

The HlyGrail Algorithm can be used for voter ID verification, Internet of Things (IOT) where the robot is controlled by the blockchain registration,  and uses not yet envisioned.