My Crypto Patent

Have you ever had an idea you thought would make an excellent product?  Do you know anyone who has had an idea you thought they should patent or copyright?  Of course, you have!  But what stopped you from developing your idea or market it?  The answer is not the lack of money.  All great and many junk ideas have been funded.  If the idea is expensive, but profitable, you will need partners, if it is less expensive you may be able to fund it yourself.

The reason most people do not bring their idea to the world is the fear someone is going to steal it from them.  The cost to patent an idea holds them back, including the fear their lawyer will steal the idea.  Most ideas die with the inventor.

Check the Portfolio for example Patent / Intellectual Property Files and watch the video below for more information.

HlyGrail Patent

We use blockchain technology to encrypt your intellectual property in a way that you can absolutely prove your unchanged documentation existed prior to recording.

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Bitcoin Word of God

The HlyGrail patent was developed in order to store the entire Bible encrypted by the blockchain in a way that no entity could modify the Word as originally documented by the algorithm.  This is an example of a provable contract that cannot be modified.

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Skill Auction

This patent is a business model that combines an auction with a direct sale mall using skill through gaming.  Critical details are not exposed but totally documented and encrypted into the patent including HOW all software is integrated.

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