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Take Control of Your Idea.

Get ready to take part in the next step of the Blockchain Technology Revolution.

You, yes you, can be part of this new frontier!

Do you have an idea? Do you know anyone with an idea? Would you like to help with an idea? Do you know anyone who would like to invest in a new idea?

Of course you do, so let us show you how you can be the new superhero educating people about this exciting opportunity.

There are four parts:

  • We help you or others document and PROTECT ideas for practically no cost.

  • We all help each other improve or fix ideas by sharing information.

  • We expose ideas that need funding or are for sale. Maybe you want to invest, or need investment, or just plain want to buy a great idea and take it to market.

  • Inside and outside sales, and employee opportunities are available.

What makes us different?

We code ideas with date and time into the high technology blockchain in a way that protects information until the author is willing to expose the information. There is even a way to have the information coded so that not even our company knows what is in the documentation.

The process is simple for us but technical. Basically, you provide the title, description and owner information, along with multimedia needing protection. We put your idea into an Intellectual Property File.

We encrypt an Intellectual Property File containing proof of your documentation.

We record the fingerprints of your Intellectual Property File into a blockchain transaction.

You can now use the Blockchain Transaction Number to identify the codes necessary to prove and present your idea to investors or the court. Others still need the original documents you hold, proven by the transaction, to discover the full details of your idea.

Take Action

Read the accompanying websites and watch the videos.

Create an IPF Patent for your idea for less than a patent search. Our cost is so low, you can afford to patent a useless idea.

What can you do with a protected useless idea? If it is crazy enough, you might make a YouTube video and draw millions of viewers making you rich on advertising.

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