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What do we do?  The HlyGrail Algorithm has such large potential that the projects and ideas that can be done are limitless.  MyCryptoPatent will be the focus point for contact and design mainly with creating IPF Patents.  This structure is just now being built but there is in house software for handling and automating most of IPF creation.  The company is working on building that to a more robust system so that others can interface via the web without needing to provide any files to the company.

Below are some examples:

  • We will provide Domain Name IPF creation and verification based on HlyGrail Patent bc1q3nxj347d2zp9h0tpsh55v45xmu2tjv7f72ssrj which is planned to be hosted if desired on

  • We will Provide basic NFT creation as IPFs.  We will create individual audio, pictures, and video IPF files helping with watermarks or metadata.

  • We will provide our own collection of HlyGrail IPF collectables just like the NFT marketplace.

  • We will create an auction house for our IPFs like OpenSea.

  • We will build IPF programs that will run on your computer to verify IPFs.

  • We intend to build and license computer IPF programs for blockchain mining as a mining pool.

  • We intend to create an organization structure and commissioning program for any product or service with a worldwide network based on the HlyGrail Patent bc1q6rejglqxtynfsvq38hm96wa2ara4lj2r9y90lp for building network organizations on the blockchain.

In all cases, the market it way to big for any one company to interface with so we will be the contact point for third party licensing agreements.  Our goal is to make it easy for market adoption with bitcoin, litecoin, and the lightning network.  We do not want to stop others from participating in developing but at the same time we want fair share of the technology while preventing others from monopolizing.  If you are not sure what level of license you need, contact us and we will let you know.

Read the License.  Individuals and companies protecting their assets can do just about anything for personal use without violating the license.  Know the difference between USING and OWNING THE IPF you create and USING THE TECHNOLOGY for gain.

As example,  you can create your own cartoon video as an IPF (NFT) then use it, sell it, trade it, trade it with conditions, or anything personal or company like any other asset.  But you cannot provide a service to auction your IPFs like OpenSea without a license.  A business can access the technology such as reading someone’s IPF Domain Name or importing someone’s IPF model, but they cannot provide a service for others to read the Domains or charge for the model in a metaverse without a license.

We are going to be harder on those trying to get around the IPF Patent / Copyright than those using it as intended.  As example, the big phone company that tried to put it in your hardware without a license, you have two slaps, next time you will be banned and prosecuted. Wallets, exchanges, and new coin blockchains that have been violating the patent you better get a license to use this technology for past and future.  Remember, every lawyer looking for a new source of income is commissioned by the license to go collect on small and large scale.  Read and comply with the license.

This page is under construction.  Come back for more exciting details.

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