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3D Printer Feeder

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Below is an example of information you need to keep when making an IPF Patent / Copyright.

The video was encrypted with the ADDRESS but the hash for the un-encrypted video was in the OP_RETURN.

Information for 3DprinterFeeder

Intellectual Property File - 3DprinterFeeder.mp4.aes
Size 7,445,929 bytes Size on Disk 7,446,528 bytes

AES encrypted with the ADDRESS below.

Trezor Roger account2 segwit 373Nb1fELgsbdXJbuLzA4qfdeSQ2hoTtps

Hash256 for decrypted file 0A01C5D33034886096CBCE6DF3C43A1938AFCAB278E2B80C0D10703E323B7F42

OP_RETURN 486c79477261696c0A01C5D33034886096CBCE6DF3C43A1938AFCAB278E2B80C0D10703E323B7F42

Transaction Number 08a2b70a2364ecdd8410ec12b999254cb6108fc33bcfcf2b598ec4e5fc847fb0

HlyGrail Patent / Copyright Number 373Nb1fELgsbdXJbuLzA4qfdeSQ2hoTtps

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