Plans and Future

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The immediate goal will be to convert NFTs bloating all blockchains into efficient IPF format.  This will be followed by software to create any media IPFs by the user and commercially.  Third parties can be licensed to provide services and wallets to use the full power of the blockchain with IPFs or at least display the OP_RETURN to humans.  Commercial entities read the licensing requirement on HlyGrail.

Software usable on a website is already written to easily develop an IPF by users dragging and dropping media and filling out document fields.  This will be developed into a more robust system for worldwide website access.

Much of the eBook system is now complete and fully usable to start generating income for anyone.  It will be upgraded so you can purchase an advertising license to print your personal information and link to a website of your choice on the bottom of every page in this Bitcoin Word of God and other eBooks.

Your AD purchase will be paid into a general marketing structure that will allow the sale of any product or service to any member. You may be able to receive referral fees for any products and services referred by you and your organization using the new IPF marketing software. This software is being built off the blockchain but verified by the blockchain.

New auction software is being developed for IPF (NFT) and online IPF creation.  Wallets will need to be updated to read the IPF file system.  Finally, a full marketing program will be built to market products and services with the IPF. will be a major hosting and verification site.  Any site using the HlyGrail Algorithm to provide hosting and location services or development of IPFs must have a license.  You will be able to verify IPF patents by downloading the IPF from a transaction number or key bitcoin address.  BlockchainIPF controls the patenting and licensing of Domain Names and Network IDs using the IPF Technology.  BlockchainIPF will also provide services for OTHER blockchains outside of bitcoin.

Warning to ICAN and other services holding individual’s hostage on their domain names.  Especially hosting services that take over your domain name when you create a name, the hosting expires, then the domain wants a fortune for you to get it back.  You created your domain name, and it is under copyright by the IPF when created.  They cannot use your domain name even if you stop paying for it without you selling or giving them the right.  Be warned, do not IPF someone else domain name or you will be sued for copyright infringement.

A major part of MyCryptoPatent besides pointing to the HlyGrail and BlockchainIPF will be to bring new technologies like the Proof of ID, IPF Patents, Copyright Domains, and a new universal compensation system using IPF Network IDs.

If you think  you are going to build something on the technology, get a license for the HlyGrail Algorithm.

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