Detailed Steps for IPF Creation

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This document outlines how to create a HlyGrail Intellectual Property File. We will do most of this for you for a nominal fee, including listing you in our directory for a year, or you can do it all yourself personally. Commercial use requires a license.

Address Creation

  1. Obtain software to create a bitcoin private key / address. Example:

  2. Decide the type of bitcoin address like Segwit or Bech32

  3. Create the private/public keys and the bitcoin address

  4. Save the private key, if you want to be able to spend funds from the address.

  5. Record the Address such as 3JyuLXGa29P1PnfUcMBo4NCxDFRPSqJd25

  6. Verify the address has never been seen on the blockchain.

Document Creation

  1. Obtain all multimedia for your patent. The basic MyCryptoPatent includes ONE file, usually a document file, listed and verified in the Intellectual Property File.

  2. Create an Intellectual Property File. This is usually a text file in the following format:

  • Heading – Intellectual Property File

  • Bitcoin Address

  • Owner

  • Title of Idea

  • Short Description

  • Number of Documents

  • Document 1

    • Title of Document1

    • Short Description

    • File Name – Name not important

    • File Type

    • Encrypted or Not with bitcoin address Y/N

    • Hash type MD5 SHA-1 SHA-256 SHA-512 or Other

    • Hash of File

    • Size of File

  1. Add additional documents in the Format of Document 1. (Extra fees apply if we do the patent.)

  2. The Hash can be created by several programs, such as:


Encrypt the Intellectual Property File (IPF) with the Bitcoin Address.

Use or other method and use 256 bit. Whatever encryptor used, make sure you record it with the correct details to decrypt the Intellectual Property File. The Company uses AES SHA-256 CBC.

Create the Hash for the encrypted Intellectual Property File and record it. The Hash will always be 64 hex digits. As example the original Hash for HlyGrail0 is:


Take the hex for HlyGrail which is 486c79477261696c and append the Hash of the Intellectual Property File to become the OP_RETURN for the blockchain transaction. As example the HlyGrail0 OP_RETURN for the file above is:


Recording on the Blockchain

Make sure you have a bitcoin wallet with enough funds to do a transaction and pay miners fees. You must know the private key of the address holding the funds to be able to sign a bitcoin transaction.

Use software that will allow you to register a RAW transaction on the bitcoin blockchain. You will need to create a transaction with the address holding the funds payable to the address you are creating the patent with, and a OP_RETURN with your Intellectual Property File hash code.

I am not going to tell you how to do a RAW transaction because you can make BIG mistakes sending funds directly on the bitcoin blockchain, which could cost you a LOT of money and your patent will fail. Raw transactions can be done with, but there are many technical challenges including loss of funds in other wallets. Some wallets like Trezor will create transactions with OP_RETURN.

Once the transaction is verified on the blockchain, you can use the transaction number to look up your blockchain Patent / Intellectual Property File Address and the OP_RETURN for verification of your Intellectual Property File.

Visit for more details and look at the Examples link above for ideas on what Intellectual Property Files look like.

After Recording

  1. Create a folder for your patent.

  2. Save the IPF information in a file where all your bitcoin information is stored, but separate from your private key. Because the Crypto patent can never be changed, if you lose your bitcoin address private key, there will be minor consequences unless you want to sell the IPF or want to send messages from the address. (You could create this information file with your keys but make sure you can decrypt the file.)

  3. Store ALL the ORIGINAL documents referenced in the Intellectual Property File into the folder.

  4. Create a Patent Info File containing:

  • Name of the main patent file

  • Blockchain / bitcoin Address

  • Encrypted and plain text Intellectual Property File (usually named with the bitcoin / blockchain Address) with proper file types

  • Hash for the encrypted Intellectual Property File

  • OP_RETURN containing 486c79477261696c prefixing the Hash

  • Transaction Number

  1. Zip the entire folder and use a password, if you want, but DO NOT forget the password for the zip file.

  2. Make many copies of the zip file and store the copy in different locations so you never lose your patent. Because everything is encrypted on the blockchain, if someone gets your files, it only gives them inside information on your idea, but you still have proof it is your material tied to the blockchain, provided you use your identification in the Documents or Intellectual Property File, or maintain the private key to sign messages as proof of owner.


Provide your original documents as needed knowing they are registered and dated. If there is ever a challenge in court, you will be able to prove the date and time you recorded your information, and that it has never been modified.

Remember, the date and time on the blockchain and not dates recorded in your documents are provable. This is why it is important to create your IPF Patent as soon as possible.

In general, all you need to provide is the Blockchain Transaction Number and your encrypted Intellectual Property file. The OP_RETURN verifies the hash on the Intellectual Property File and the Address will decrypt the file exposing the hash proof for all your original documents. You can now provide any document listed in the Intellectual Property File as needed and provable by the hash of the document in the Intellectual Property File.

Notes and License

Although this page explains the entire process for you to create and use the HlyGrail algorithm, you can only use it free for personal purposes. There is high potential for error including loss of significant funds, if you do this on your own. Commercial purposes must be licensed. Visit for the license understanding. will control licenses issued. This means you cannot create a IPF Patent for your friends, office workers, club, non profit, etc; you must purchase a license.

Our basic cost for this process is very low and reasonable. In fact, the full cost is usually far less than just a patent search for competing patents. Additionally, individuals paying for services will be included in the patent directory free for a year. We expect to have very high value for investors and individuals bringing products to market.

The initial base patents with one document in the Intellectual Property File will be sold for $599. The price will decrease to $300 after reaching our initial target volume. Depending on popularity and costs, the price may increase or decrease. If blockchain transaction fees increase significantly, you will need to include a blockchain transaction fee to cover expense. You can purchase a basic patent for the going price and patent your documents in the future. The license is transferable and sell-able by the holder until used. As example, you purchase a base patent license for $599 but do not submit your patent. You sell the patent license for $700 to someone else. The price rises to $900 per basic patent. The person turns in the license for the patent without paying additional costs, unless blockchain fees are now included. Licenses purchased for future use will be a HlyGrail IPF held by the purchaser in their address and transferable / sell-able without company involvement.

Contact the company for large volume orders and discounts. Commercial entities with a license will be able to sell those licenses as a branded value-added reseller. As example, they could provide a service with their own powerful directory, marketing, and secure storage for the Intellectual Property Documents, and charge any price the market will bear.


Bounties are common in crypto blockchains. It is easy to find OP_RETURNS on the blockchain. You can search many using HlyGrail as the first characters in the OP_RETURN to find our valid Intellectual Property Files and impostors. You can search ANY OP_RETURN and attempt to discover potential copyright infringements. The evidence is on the blockchain forever.

Check for license explanation, usage and penalty for commercial use. The bounty basically says you can become a headhunter for profit. Great job for unemployed lawyers.

Each IPF Patent is covered as Trade Secrets until exposing your information. Since all documents have been put together in software programs and organized as a file encrypted and coded by the blockchain, everything in your Intellectual Property File is covered by copyright. Your ideas are registered and coded in the Intellectual Property File and should be the same as patents; however, crypto patent types are just being recognized by states and countries individually. We expect that HlyGrail Patent /Copyright can be protected just as strongly in court as any US Patent or for that matter any country patent. Who can claim your Intellectual Property is protected only by US Patent law or some other country law or our IPF Patent? Cases are processed constantly challenging and proving cryptography is valid to show proof of ownership. You may want to offer bounties for YOUR IPF Patents.

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