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MyCryptoPatent as a part of Genus Enterprises has been marketing products and services for many years.  We use a combination of technologies to create opportunities for everyone in the world.  We help companies advertise their business while providing third party revenue. 

I coined the phrase “Get Paid to Advertise” in 1977 when we put advertising on Floppy discs with a business directory linking to the files on the disk.  In 1987 we moved to 3.5-inch floppy disks and the advertising worked like a simple website with a directory of links to the advertisers on the disk with no graphics.  In late 1991 we were able to include more advertisers on the floppy disks by linking them to websites and selling website advertising.  We were marketing websites when there were less than 200,000 sites and really got excited at 800,000 waiting for a million domains online.  In 1997 we when CDR became popular we were able to put mini websites on the CD and link to the websites online.  This really improved the business because there was room to place offers by the advertisers on the CD.  I was able to convert my paperback “Small Dreams Have No Magic” to an eBook on the CD and let people give away the eBook CD which linked to their business website.  In 2016 when flash drives became popular, I was able to add more eBooks and then moved them onto the Internet.  By this time, I had branding technology so that others could make their eBook and let others brand contact or advertising into the online eBooks.  In 2015 the HlyGrail Algorithm was invented, and the Bible was encrypted onto the blockchain as an IPF in 2016 once the OP_RETURN stabilized.  This was one of the first HlyGrail IPF Patent / Copyright and included the whole Bible protected by one OP_RETURN, not just a simple NFT picture.  Check out the Bitcoin Word of God.

In 2016 we released many eBooks that contained links to branded advertisers, while at the same time allowing the advertisers to get paid for introducing other advertisers, all paid in bitcoin.

We are going to expand that marketing system to include an eBook marketing the MyCryptoPatent website.  Advertisers will be able to buy advertising in the eBook and “get paid to advertise” referring others to the eBook advertising containing their ad.

The marketing system is going to be greatly expanded.  We will be using the HlyGrail IPF Patent bc1q6rejglqxtynfsvq38hm96wa2ara4lj2r9y90lp for building the IPF network organization on the blockchain.

This means your sponsorship will be stored on the blockchain and a marketing system will be created that will allow anyone to market anything via our compensation system paying vendors and multiple levels of advertisers starting at the point of sale in the network.  This will be done by a IPF Smart Contract that runs OFF the blockchain but verified by the blockchain and payable via the blockchain as a multi output transaction.

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