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Wild West Wotel
HlyGrail Patent

Business Plan for the Wild West Wotel

This crypto patent covers a business plan and unique design method to turn a motel into a themed attraction. This specific plan is developed as a wild west theme, but any theme using this approach can be developed. The full concept for this patented business plan includes building the themed motel with prefabbed sheds or cabins.

Any single level motel with sufficient lot space can convert their drab motel into a themed setting using a false front and themed enclosed patio. The enclosed patio would be an individual setting for the theme. In general the patio would be between six to eight feet deep and the width of the motel room. With a little imagination, anyone can visualize how the false fronts and enclosed patios could create any themed setting.

As example, using the old west theme, one room may be a jail. The false front would display the jail name and appearance, and inside would be a short setting for the sheriffs office. You enter your motel room via the jail door in the back of the setting. Another room might be a bank with false front and old west bank scene inside the enclosed patio with entrance to the motel room via the bank vault or safe door. Many old west buildings could be used for the fronts, such as a general store, bar, livery stable, clothing shop, hotel, bath house, etc.

This plan was developed in the early 1970s by Roger and Ralph Johnsrud, including the copyright of the name of the attraction.


In order to maintain a viable financial model, the attraction must be situated in a way to maximize traffic, especially off season. This means the location should be on a main road easily accessible to trucks and their drivers. This is especially true in areas where harsh weather such as snow is commonly found. During off season, there must be ample parking for trucks, and during full season the parking is set up for heavy customer traffic. The parking must be designed to cover both situations.

Structure Development

If the project is built on a minimal budget, the first infrastructure in addition to parking, should be utilities, restroom, and shower facilities. Camping areas could be set up initially just to start drawing to the attraction. These grounds could later be themed as old west miner and Indian sites with a chuck wagon and barbecue settings.

Basic theme cabin structures and false fronts for the motel could be built as needed without the actual settings for the false front enclosure. Long term planning is needed for the cabin layout. If this is mainly a motel, then economic layout along one side is adequate. However, for a themed park, the structure should be built to provide security, especially if children are present. In this case the cabins would be built like a fort with all the false fronts and theme enclosures facing inside the fort. Normal access to the motel room and parking would be on the opposite side of the themed front via an extra door with windows toward the parking lot.

As customer traffic increases and budget permits, the main attraction facility should be built. In the case of an Old West Wotel, a large saloon with a stage and potential dance floor could be built. This will allow tables to be set on the floor and food served along with entertainment from the stage. As budget permits additional support structure should be built, such as, a general store for customers to purchase necessities, cafe for additional restaurant space, a theater for more entertainment, etc. All this area should be planned to insure connecting the motel rooms with the additional structures while considering the future security for customers.


The theme should have a plan for attracting unique activity. The theme might include an arcade for children's area. In the case of the Wild West Wotel, the arcades would be built in the guard towers of the fort.

The major activity attraction for the Wild West Wotel will be the Virtual / Real World Interface covered by independent patent. This system allows customers to interact in the fort environment in such a way they can conduct virtual reality, old west shootouts, that identically match the real fort environment, as example, in the “OK Corral”.

3D themed souvenirs will be available covered by independent patent. This will allow customers to take home unique memories of the attraction.

Theme Enclosures

A decision must be made on the setup of the false front enclosures. The enclosures do not need to be completed until the end of the project. If everything in the scene is dummy or represented, then minimal security is required. The scene can be set up with major items glued or attached to the structure, as example the chairs and desk in the jail. However, if the intention is to make the attraction a museum, with historical material, then plexiglass viewing windows would be needed along with alarms to protect the artifacts from the public.


Construction has changed dramatically over the years. The cost and quality of prefabbed storage sheds and cabins is highly competitive with independent contractors.

The parking and utility infrastructure must be completed first. If designed correctly from the beginning, the restroom and shower facilities will serve truck drivers and campers, along with the general public for restrooms after the park is built. There should be sufficient water, sewage, heating / cooling, gas, and electric to supply the completed park. This especially means the sewage system must be well thought out in the beginning.

Prefabbed buildings can be added and upgraded as needed. Each motel will need insulation, power, heating / cooling, and a bathroom. In the case of the Wild West Wotel, a door on each end of the cabin is needed.

A central forced air system should be used for heating and cooling, each separate with individual vent control.


  1. All buildings should be a fire resistant as possible.
  2. Fire alarms and sprinklers must be installed from the beginning.
  3. Rooms should be secure from the inside the room to prevent entry via the false front enclosure.
  4. A second exit must be available on motel rooms.
  5. Guard towers for children play should be secure yet easily escaped.
  6. Artifacts must be secured depending on value or potential malicious damage.

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