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The HlyGrail Algorithm and the Intellectual Property File used for Identity and Voting

This is a short video on how to create and verify identity documents that can be proven unaltered and carried by the verified individual. Check out for further details.

First we need a Verifiable Driver’s License or other government picture ID.

The DMV creates the normal driver’s license with the individual’s picture.

A picture is now taken with the individual holding the driver’s license under their face.

That picture is included on the magnetic strip of the driver’s license, along with a never used bitcoin address.

The individual or other organization, such as the DMV verification department, encrypts the picture on the magnetic strip with the bitcoin address and records the hash.

They then create a bitcoin transaction using the address on the magnetic strip, and record the encrypted hash into the OP_RETURN of the transaction. They now place the bitcoin transaction number on the ID Verified website of the DMV.

In the future, when an officer needs to verify the driver’s ID is not fake, the software finds the bitcoin address on a blockchain explorer and verifies the matching transaction number on the DMV site, checks the hash in the OP_RETURN, encrypts the picture on the magnetic strip with the bitcoin address, verifies the hash of the encryption matches the OP_RETURN, and if all is okay, prints or displays the image on the magnetic strip. Now the officer is confident that the picture on the magnetic strip, the driver’s license, and the individual match.

Once we have a verifiable ID we can do other identity such as a Voting Application.

The same process is used for voter’s registration. The individual at voter’s registration verifies the driver’s license information the same as the officer to verify the individual. They then verify other documents, such as passport, residency, etc. to insure the individual belongs in the voting district. Once verified, the bitcoin address of the government ID is placed on the Voters’ Registration Website.

At the voting booth, the same process is used as when the officer checks the validity of the individual and ID, but additionally checks that the bitcoin address is on the Voters’ Registration Website. If everything matches, all the person at the voting station needs to do is match the picture on their display of the individual holding their driver’s license, their driver’s license and their face. Now they can vote.

We can add Additional Security.

To protect the individual’s identity, critical identification needing verification, such as, bank statement, utility bill, phone bill, passport, driver’s license, and others could be encrypted with a bitcoin address to obtain unique hash codes tied to the address.

These hash codes matching the documents are placed in an Intellectual Property File, which is encrypted with the same bitcoin address, and a transaction to the address with an OP_RETURN containing the hash of the encrypted Intellectual Property File is created.

As in the Voting Application above, the verification process is the same, except the registrar could keep a copy of the encrypted Intellectual Property File to prove they matched the documents presented. Each document has a matching hash in the Intellectual Property File.

As example, the utility bill has a matching hash in the Intellectual Property File. The registrar only verifies the utility bill and records nothing. If there are questions about the validity of the documents presented in the future, only documents matching the hash in the Intellectual Property File held by the registrar are proven.

If they are hacked, the hacker only gets files with hash codes and no documents. Additionally, since the verified government ID (driver’s license) is in the Intellectual Property File, the individual is absolutely verified as the presenter of the documents.

Do not let anyone tell you that Bitcoin cannot be used for anything but fraud and speculation. Do not let them tell you Bitcoin cannot provide identity, contracts, IOT, security, DAO, distributed computing, or anything else. The HlyGrail Algorithm will do it all.

Check out and see what ideas are possible. Maybe you want to add your own.

This video and accompanying ID algorithm are protected under the HlyGrail Algorithm and bounty.

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